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Reasons Why EFI Technology Is Ideal

Technology has given birth to yet another new electronic based engine system known as Electronic Fuel Injection system. The industry is already reaping the benefits of this revolutionary technology that has revolutionized engines as we know them. It is fairly easy to upgrade to an EFI system and you should consider doing it if you have not yet done so. Some of the reasons why you should upgrade to this system are highlighted below.

With EFI Technology, you get a car that has improved intelligence. EFI technology uses Engine control Module(ECM) also known as the Engine Control Unit(ECU) as its brain power and that is why it is smart. The ECM like the human brain is the central nervous system of the car engine and has been designed to interpret a variety of information with the help of sensors throughout the engine to help the car run at its peak.
The ECM also helps to control the amount of diesel consumed and how much carbon dioxide is exhausted. While monitoring the engine sensors, ECM can predict the exact amount of fuel that needs to be delivered to the injector.

Air to fuel ratio is also regulated by the activation of injectors at the same time. With this control and regulation, the consumption of fuel and consequent emissions are reduced by up to 20%. You save on fuel cost and get to be kind to the environment with this technology.

EFI Technology is also ideal since there is less servicing. With this technology, you do not have to deal with carburetor replacement and maintenance cost. Oxygen and gasoline do not mix since the fuel system is sealed completely. This is extremely beneficial since you do not have to go to service your car on the basis of contaminated gas.

For most cars, the change in altitude affects the engine performance. One reason for this is that change in altitudes to a higher one has less oxygen which is essential for your engine to function properly. In order to adjust to high altitudes, a car with a carbureted engine may need to adjust its carburetor jetting. Change in altitude is quickly detected by the automatic sensors in an EFI technology system vehicle. In order for their to be the right amount of air and fuel, the ECU detects the amount of air coming in and adjusts the amounts of fuel flowing in so that they mix at the right ratio sustaining car performance.

While a carburetor uses a float, the electronic engine uses an injector.

With a moving vehicle and a bouncing float as a result of a carburetor engine, you may encounter several problems. This is not the case with EFI technology since it does not have a float you do not have to worry about the bouncing of the float when the car is on the move. For more information about the best ECM it’s wise to do some research .

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