A Fun Party Idea For Your Group Of Friends

A birthday party is a great way to get creative and make the event fun for all that are involved, especially the birthday boy or girl. There are so many options when it comes to party planning that it is hard to choose just one theme. However, more and more people are going away from house or restaurant parties and are doing more fun and interactive activities. One idea that has gained much popularity is taking a Trolley Bike Tour. You can find more info below to see if this is something that would interest you and your group of friends.

General Information Regarding The Trolley Bike

The Trolley Bike is a version of a party bus but has some differences. It is an open concept and is a 14-passenger quadricycle. Each side has six seats and a back bench that people can sit on. The people on this bike have to work together and pedal to get the bike going. The group will ride along a designated route and is able to stop to have drinks whenever they choose to. The bike is controlled and steered by a conductor who also acts as the guide. This is a great way to celebrate a birthday, have a bar crawl, celebrate bachelor/bachelorette parties, and so much more.

Birthday Ideas On The Trolley Bike

This is a great idea for a group of people looking to experience something different on a birthday. The bike can be decorated with any theme, and guests can come dressed up to have a wonderful time. A state-of-the-art sound system is found on every bike so that guests can jam to their favorite music while enjoying cold beverages. The tours can be customized to include whatever the group would like to do that day.

More people are leaving behind the normal birthday parties found at home or restaurants and are doing more fun things. The Trolley Bike is only one example of the many interactive activities a group of people can do together. Check out the Trolley Bike the next time there is a cause for a celebration.